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Dental Services in Loma Linda, California

Dentist checking the dental x-ray - General dentistry in Loma Linda, CA
We believe in prevention! Your teeth will only stay healthy if you take care of them properly. We do a comprehensive exam and assessment of your oral health and provide the necessary treatment and care to achieve healthy teeth and gums.
Complete Dental Care & Treatment:
• Local Anesthetic
• Cosmetic Dental Services
• Bleaching
• Veneers
• Bonding
• Crowns
• Bridges
• Fillings
• Simple Extractions
• Children
• Dental Hygiene Services and Preventative Care
• Non-Surgical Periodontal (Deep Scaling & Root Planning)
• Digital X-Rays (Less Radiation, Completely Computerized)
• Whitening
• Restoration of Implants (Coordinated with Oral Surgeon)
Contact us for general, preventative, and cosmetic dental services to help you feel confident about your smile.